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About Us

Edward Jimenez Tax & Immigration Services, LLC is a private company in Elizabeth, New Jersey. We are an independent public accounting and advisory services firms in the taxation arena, as well as immigration in the state of New Jersey.

Edward Jimenez Tax & Immigration Services provides a full spectrum of traditional tax, accounting and business services; advisory, valuation and start up business support; and an extensive range of immigration procedures. Our company serves privately held dealing with individuals and family owned businesses in the state of New Jersey. In particular, we focus on middle-market companies and small business tax and immigration issues.

EJ Tax & Immigration Services offers an extensive range of specialized services. In addition to domestic and international tax preparation, we offer a wide array of professional services include accounting and taxation services for small businesses such as LLC, Corporations, and Partnerships, Translation Services, Business Valuation and Public Notarization Support. We have developed several role practice areas helping clients to adjust their immigration status with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and The National Visa Center (NVC) during the Visa procedures with the Department of States that adjudicate visa at US Embassy in foreign countries chargeability.

At EJ Tax & Immigration Service, we can help ease the frustration and burden during life’s difficult times. Whether you are filing for divorce or starting a new business, it helps to have an experienced adviser in your corner. If you wish to represent yourself in uncontested legal matters, we can assist you with the preparation and typing of all necessary documents, as well as walk you through the complicated processes. Please be aware that I can help you to fill out any forms of the services mentioned above, but “our firm is NOT an attorney licensed to practice law OR give legal advice about immigration or any other legal matter or accept fees for legal advice.". 

Confidential. Trusted. Advisers.

Our Mission

As a professional private company, it is our mission to understand the business of our clients, to assist our clients identify their business and financial needs, and to remain in compliance with federal, state, and local tax provisions and regulations. We also provide all of the services that will help our clients achieve their business and individual financial goals. At EJ Tax & Immigration Services, our organization is committed to providing the most efficient and accurate solutions to your tax & immigration needs, while always maintaining the highest ethical standards and confidentiality.

Our Philosophy

At Edward Jimenez Tax & Immigration Services, LLC, our professionals have the highest ethical standards. As an organization, our reputation and confidentiality are the most important company strengths. We are committed to excellence and accuracy. For this reason, we encourage and invest in the professional development of our people and in continuing education to further advance their professional abilities in Tax Law and Immigration Law change. In return, we entail that our professionals use their talents to accomplish and maintain total client satisfactions and compliance.

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