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Our document translation services cover a wide range of Spanish-English document types such as Divorce Decree, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate Documents, Patents, Resumes, Income Statements, Certificates, Business Plans, and Insurance Documents. Every new project includes a multi-phase quality assurance process and utilizes the latest translation memory tools to translate a document, promoting consistency across all documents.


EJ Tax & Immigration Services, reassure to clients that their document will be translated in an accurate and professional style by our translator specialist. Our professional experts are aware that   document translation differs from oral translation, which is also called interpretation. At EJ Tax & Immigration Services your content is translated by translators who are specialized in subject matters such as legal services, educational, technical fields, business, or medical sciences. Most of these translations require no certification. However, some translations used in courts, immigration, college, or employment may require a certification by the translator or translation company doing the job, here our professionals are Public Notaries that can certify that your document are translated with the accuracy and professionalism, promoting consistency across all document.


At EJ Tax & Immigration Services, we only use established experts for our document translations, allowing us to consistently provide you with translations that meet or exceed the level of your source text. We strive to offer the best, most professional document translation services available contact us about your translation requirement. Our prices are more than fair, that’s what our clients say.

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