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Edward is the Director of Edward Jimenez Tax & Immigration Services, LLC wealth management firm in Elizabeth, New Jersey that specializes in tax, bookkeeping, accounting and immigration procedures. Mr. Jimenez assists a lot of Americans to follow their tax obligation. Edward has significant technical expertise in business and individual taxation with diversified experience in all major tax areas. Also, Mr. Edward focuses in Corporate and Partnership issues and in this capacity advised most areas of the firm regarding the optimal structures of any transaction and make sure that every transaction meets the requirement of IRS regulations, US tax code, state tax regulations, statutes, and rules to resolve a range of taxation and tax accounting issues.

In addition, Mr. Jimenez has been instrumental in searching and in leveraging comprehensive tax accounting strategies to ensure adherence to regulatory compliance.   He Advises clients on tactics to minimize taxable income via charitable contributions, retirement plans, and other legal tax shelters.


Prior to the formation of Edward Jimenez Tax and Immigration Services, LLC, Mr. Jimenez was an Operation Manager and Business Manager at Charter School, implemented and ensured full compliance with all federal, state, and local policies and regulations. Also, he was expert providing leadership within challenging autism program at Elizabeth public school, developing and implementing strategies to meet individual students’ needs.


Mr. Jimenez is a prolific professional in the immigration arena, he has been assisting clients for over 15 years. Even though he is NOT A LAWYER and he cannot provide advises about immigration law, he is expert in filling forms and assisting clients in adjusting their immigration status with USCIS or submitting petition that has changeability in foreign country. Prior to own this business he acquired experience with expert immigration lawyers where he was lawyer assistant.


Edward also was volunteer at International Rescue Committee assisting refugees to feel this country as theirs by assisting them in getting job and guide them into the United States culture, law, regulation and education system.


He and his son reside in New Jersey and enjoy traveling and dancing, as well as volunteer and community service activities.

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